Student Services Launches New Communication Campaign


UoS Student Services have launched a programme for new students undergoing the transition from home life to university.

The ‘Cheerleaders’ campaign is offering the opportunity for families and friends of new students to sign up and receive regular updates from the University. This is so that loved ones of students can be welcomed into the community at UoS, are kept informed of what’s happening and given the tools to support them.

Personal issues such as welfare and academic studies are kept confidential in these updates; the emails will contain general information about university life, the support services available, and tips for helping students navigate their journey at university.

Student Services has stated in a communique:

As you begin to settle in at University, you may find that you’re talking to your friends and family less than you used to, or that you’re having to answer a lot of questions about how things are going.

Your friends and family are proud of you and are excited – that’s why they want to know so much! When so much is happening, it can be hard to keep those at home or around you informed about what’s going on. Like many new students, you may find it hard to talk about the mixture of emotions you might be going through.

We hope that, as you talk to your cheerleaders about university, they will be able to have an active role in the conversation and work with you to ensure that you’re accessing all the opportunities you can and receiving all the support available to you.

Students are encouraged to let their friends and family know about the Cheerleaders campaign, and direct them to the dedicated sign up page.


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