New Arrivals at Marwell Zoo Make History


Two recently born squirrel monkeys are the first monkeys to be born at Marwell Zoo in 15 years.

Marwell Zoo, near Winchester, welcomed the Guianan squirrel monkeys on the 7th and 8th October.

The expert keepers leave the babies and mothers to socialise and bond with each other, and so their genders are yet to be determined.

Six-year-old Gwyneth and four-year-old Reyes are the mothers. The father of the two babies is Max, a 13-year-old squirrel monkey who arrived in April 2019 from Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Wild squirrel monkeys are typically found in Central and South America in tropical forests.

Primates & Small Mammals Team Leader at Marwell Wildlife, Jamie Wharton, commented:

‘As their name suggests, squirrel monkeys are small primates, and these infants are tiny. They weigh around a hundred grams, which is about the same as a small apple, and the young cling to their mother’s front or back, so you need to look carefully to spot them.

‘As the babies grow older and gain more confidence, they will play and interact with each other loads, so that will be great to see.’


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