Southampton Trans Charity Launches Campaign for Trans Awareness Week


National Trans Awareness Week will be held on November 12-19, closing with the Trans Day of Remembrance. Southampton charity Chrysalis has launched a support campaign ahead of these events, in the hope to raise awareness for trans people’s need for inclusion and acceptance.

The charity started the campaign under the hashtag #FlytheTransFlag, and the flag has been seen floating in town, which is not often seen outside of pride events or dedicated dates. Chrysalis CEO Andi Maratos expressed the desire to create a ‘safe space’ for trans people, and added that he hopes the campaign will tell those needing support, ‘it is okay to be you‘.

The number of transphobic crimes recorded in England, Scotland and Wales has risen by 81% since 2016. Although this is also symptomatic of increased and improved recording of these crimes across the country, the numbers are still shockingly high: in Hampshire alone, 56 transphobic crimes were committed in 2016-2017, 77 in 2017-2018, and 98 throughout the past year. Stonewall have also stated that two in five transgender citizens had been victim of hate crimes or incidents between 2018 and 2019.

Despite this, improvements have been made. Last year, the World Health Organisation declassified being transgender as a mental and behavioural disorder in a step towards the global recognition that individuals adopting a different gender identity have their place in society.

Transgender Awareness Week, in which transgender people and their allies take action to draw attention to the community through education of personal stories and experiences and advocacy of ending prejudice and discrimination, will be held between the 12th and 19th of November.


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