Boldrewood Tunnel Soc: Not So Much a Myth as a Legend


The not-so-secret society that is dedicated to finding the rumoured tunnel that allegedly runs between the Highfield campus students’ union building and Boldrewood campus has resurfaced after years of inactivity.

Boldrewood Tunnel Soc have rekindled the search for the elusive Boldrewood Tunnel this year after a decade of silence, with a website, newsletter and now even sweatshirts, attracting over fifty members in its first four days, and over a hundred a mere eight days in.

The enigmatic group are calling on University of Southampton students to join the search, but have absolutely zero tolerance for anyone they suspect could be from MI5, CIA, Mossad, or worse… Solent University. Now constituting over 260 members, more than half of its membership, including the society’s entire committee, all coincidentally share the name Tom. The new society are aiming to beat its predecessors’ membership which peaked at 700 members. 

The so-called Underground Resistance reached out to Wessex Scene and after a series of correspondence with The Head of Tunnel Testimonies, The Sign Painter, The Underminer and the President of Room42, two of the Toms agreed to an exclusive interview.

What is the Boldrewood Tunnel Society?

Tom: Boldrewood Tunnel Soc is a society that campaigns for the reopening of the Boldrewood Tunnel which was closed in 2004 due to health and safety restrictions and connects Highfield and Boldrewood campuses together. Not a lot of people know about it, however, because the University are covering up its existence to avoid reopening it.

If the University are covering up its existence, how do you know it still exists?

Tom: I don’t know if it still does exist but I do know it used to exist so I assume it still exists… It would take a lot of effort to remove the tunnel from existence

Second Tom: I’m with him on that, surely if there was a tunnel there once it’s got to still be there

The rumours of Boldrewood Tunnel go back to 2006, why have you resurrected the society now?

Tom: I want the tunnel to be open again for the greater good of the University, I thought it’d be a good idea

Second Tom: It’s a lot of effort to walk overground to get to Boldrewood campus, it would be much more convenient to have a pedestrian tunnel to take you straight there

Whose to say this isn’t all just one big joke?

Tom: I am not a liability to comment on these issues

Second Tom: My lawyer would prefer if I didn’t say

If you do ever locate the tunnel, don’t you think its location should be kept secret for the sake of the legend?

Tom: That is a reasonable idea but it would defeat the whole purpose of the society

What would the future of the society be if, or when, the tunnel is reopened?

Tom: There are many things that have been suggested, though none are guaranteed. For example, there are a lot of people who want [the tunnel]extended around campus. Another problem that has been brought up is the carpet – which is burgundy – because of the era of which it was built. A lot of people don’t enjoy the colour burgundy and have suggested we start the Boldrewood Tunnel Re-carpeting Society. There have also been suggestions for a James Bond-style monorail to be built. If the tunnel was open, the possibilities would be unlimited.

Second Tom: I couldn’t agree more

Have you reached out to Dave Gorman, and is he still a member?

Tom: We have not reached out to him yet, although we have got his picture and I think that counts as membership

More to follow if, or when, the Society make progress.


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