Key Dates for Upcoming General Election 2019


A General Election has been called for 12th December 2019, making this the first winter election in almost a decade.

Parliament was dissolved last week on 6th November to provide the 25 working days before an election for campaigning. The Government will publish a formal election notice on 11th November.

The Electoral Commission have warned that the winter election timetable may change in the event of days being appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning. Here are the Key dates you need to know:

  • 14th November is the deadline for MP candidate nominations
  • 26th November is the deadline to register to vote and apply for postal votes
  • 4th December is the deadline to apply for a proxy vote

To vote, all British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizens must be over 18 and on the electoral register. You can register to vote at

Once registered, you must submit postal votes by the deadline announced on the polling card or vote in-person or via proxy on polling day, 12th December, at your local polling station.

Students can register to vote at their term address as well as home address, however it is illegal to vote more than once in a general election.


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