Ancient Stoneham Church Receives Cash Investment for Renovation


A package of £200,000 has been set aside for the renovation of St Nicholas Parish Church in North Stoneham. 

A large proportion of the money will be used for a new multi-faith community meeting space which ‘will not exclude users on religious grounds‘.

The money, which follows a recent £111,339 injection for renovations, will also be used for permanent disabled access routes into the church and modern sound and heating technology.

St Nicholas Church was built around 1600 and restored in 1826. In the Second World War its stained glass windows were blown out from bombing, and is today the resting place of Sir Thomas Fleming, a lawyer who condemned Guy Fawkes, and Lord Hawke, founder of the British Navy.

The ancient building is recognised as one of the most iconic churches in Hampshire, is known locally as the ‘one hand clock’ due to its unusual single-handed clock tower, and is located just outside of Southampton’s city boundaries, opposite Eastleigh Football Club.

The church holds two services every Sunday, one at 10.30am, and a more informal service at 4pm.


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