Prices Slashed at SUSU’s The Plant Pot


The Plant Pot, SUSU’s vegan and vegetarian cafe, has slashed the prices of goods found in its zero-waste dispensers, in an apparent attempt to improve the accessibility of sustainable produce.

Using the provided recycled paper bags, customers can now pick up 100g of natural goods such as lentils, porridge oats, couscous, and sunflower seeds for juts 21p.

Furthermore, wholewheat penne pasta, fusilli pasta, chickpeas, and oat crispy crunch granola can be bought for £0.31.

The full price list for dispensed goods can be found here, the SUSU blog entry of 17th December.

Earlier this semester, SUSU’s The Cafe, located on Level 3 of Building 42 on Highfield Campus, was rebranded as the sustainable, exclusively vegan and vegetarian, zero-waste Plant Pot, which has since held various events, including live music for students.

The new food hub has been branded by SUSU as a, ‘new space [which] will also sell healthy snacks, drinks and will feature re-fillable stations for bulk foods such as, pasta, rice, pulses and grains‘.

It was recently a focus at SUSU’s ‘Sustainability Spotlight’ day on 4th December, which was held ‘to celebrate and inform students of the good work already taking place, and look to the future to see what more we can achieve.’

In a blog post on the SUSU website, a spokesperson detailed all the steps they have taken to improve sustainability so far:

  • In all our outlets, there is now a higher price for hot drinks purchased in a paper cup and a lower one for drinks purchased with a re-useable cup.
  • You can now bring in a reusable cup of any brand, including the Keep Cups that we sell, into any of our outlets to get the cheaper hot drinks price.
  • Receipts will no longer be printed in our outlets unless requested.
  • The Shop has seen the introduction of the one by one eco range, 100% recyclable bags for pastries, and reusable cotton tote bags.Our zero waste shop offering sustainable items is open in The Plant Pot (Level 3, Building 42, Highfield Campus).
  • The WSA Scrapyard has been launched, allowing students to donate unwanted paper and scrapbooks for re-use by others.Free Sandwich Friday sees any leftover sandwiches from University outlets available for free on the concourse each Friday evening.

You can find out The Plant Pot’s opening times over the Christmas period here.


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