Brussels Sprouts are not as Popular as you may Think, according to Charity Mary’s Meals


Mary’s Meals, a food charity provider that feeds more than 1.5 million children every school day in some of the world’s poorest countries, is hosting a virtual Christmas dinner to raise funds in order to feed hungry children from across the globe.

This news comes after the charity revealed that Brussels sprouts are not as special as you may have assumed, with roast potatoes instead claiming the title of South East England’s favorite side dish for Christmas dinner, winning almost a third of the votes.

Michelin star chef Tom Kitchin has stated his support for Brussels sprouts:

Brussels sprouts are really versatile, they can be braised, fried, boiled or roasted. I always add bacon and chestnuts or turkey just for extra flavour.

Kithcin also stated how he is taking part in Mary’s Meals virtual dinner, and hopes that others in the South East will join him in doing so. Daniel Adams, UK Executive Director of Mary’s Meals, said that the virtual Christmas dinner “brings people together from around the globe who believe that every child deserves an education and enough to eat”.

For £13.90, a child can be fed every day for a school year, and supporters can set a place at Mary’s Meals virtual dinner for their friends and family, as a way of raising money for this. Their name will appear online and they will receive a digital placemat to pass on as a gift.

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