University Officially Welcomes Ruby Wax as Chancellor


Ruby Wax claimed it is ‘a great honour’ to represent the university as it’s 8th Chancellor in the ceremony that welcomed her on Tuesday 10th December. 

In her role, she will be a leading ambassador for the University which will be in line with the University’s corporate strategy. She will also be presiding over Graduation Ceremonies as she has at Winter Graduation at Winchester School of Art.

The American actor, writer, and comedian is a leading advocate for mental health. With this, she will be bringing ‘Frazzled Cafes’ to the UK, with peer support and mentoring to show students ‘it’s ok not to be ok’.

She claimed it was a surprise to be involved in the University in her speech, as she herself had apparently not taken full advantage of her education.

Wessex Scene would like to welcome Ruby Wax to the university.


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