Religion in Southampton on the Decline


According to a recent survey, as reported by The Daily Echo, religion in Southampton is waning as a basis for morality. 

21,000 people were surveyed by UnHerd and polling body Pollster, which carried out the survey and uncovered deep set religious divides from countryside to city. In this survey they found out that when presented with the statement “all morals are grounded in religious teachings”, many people disagreed.

Across these responses, Romsey and Southampton North were deemed the least religious with 42% disagreeing with this statement. It placed 608th out of 632 areas. Itchen placed 190th, being one of the more religious areas in Southampton.

Nationally, Christianity has seen a dramatic fall in followers in recent years with most people now belonging to no religion, whilst the UK Muslim population surpassed three million for the first time in the opening week of 2020.


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