Masks, No Cash, and One-Way Systems: SUSU Announces its Plan for the Term


SUSU have announced the list of buildings and venues that will be open on campus for this semester, in a news release that also covers how to use these places under COVID guidelines. Although most buildings will be open, there will be substantial changes.

Building 42 will only be accessible from the entrance on level 4, leading in from the redbrick, while the signposted one-way system means visitors have to exit from a selection of doors on the lower levels. There are exceptions for those with accessibility needs. Venues will not be available to book.

The Advice Centre and SUSU Lettings will not be on campus until further notice, but are available by email and phone.

The Stags and the The Bridge will both be offering takeaway food in the day. This can be ordered via the Round App. The Bridge will have tables available for up to 4 people, on a first-come first-served basis in the day, while the Stags will be offering the same for up to 6 people at a time. In the evening, customers will have to book a table in both venues.

Masks will need to be worn at all times, except when seated at a pre-booked table, but must be worn whenever leaving this table, even to go to the toilet. In the interest of minimising risk to staff, all venues are now cashless.

The SUSU shop will also be employing a one-way system, with mask-wearing inside mandated by both SUSU and UK national guidelines.

The Plant Pot will be operating at reduced hours, and will not be open for eat-in customers, but takeaway food and a click-and-collect service can be ordered via the Round App.

For more information about venues and contact details, you can visit the SUSU website, and to find out more about University policies you can visit their website


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