Southampton History Department to Launch Peer Mentoring and Buddy Programmes


The History Department at the University of Southampton is to launch a Peer Mentoring and Buddy programme aimed at countering isolation and offering the chance to socialise remotely to first year students. 

The programmes will run for the rest of the academic year, and will be in two parts

The Peer Mentoring component will consist of groups of up to 8 students (who have signed up) being assigned 2 mentors, who will offer them both academic and moral support. Mentors will offer this support via both scheduled remote meetings and emails in between them.

The Buddy programme works by putting 6 students (who have opted in) into groups, and leaving them to socialise amongst themselves remotely once they’ve been introduced. This component will not be supervised, and is entirely self-led. The aim is for participants in the programme to have a way of meeting people in a social setting outside of their accommodation, which, particularly during second lockdown, has become very difficult.

Sign-up will be done via a google form, which will ask those filling it out whether they want to be a mentor or a mentee, and if they want to be referred to the buddy programme too. Both parts of the programme will be open for participants until the 26th November. The day after – the 27th November – there will be a training session for mentors running from 10-11am.

The programmes will run entirely online, and the organisers are keen to stress that at no point will government coronavirus guidelines be breached.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Williams, History Department President, at


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