School of Health Sciences Announces New Leadership


Last month it was announced that Professor Sara Demain will be taking over the role of Head of School at the School of Health Sciences. Her appointment marks a return to the University of Southampton, after 2 years as Head of the School of Health Professions at the University of Plymouth.

A specialist in neurological rehabilitation and physiotherapy, Demain previously worked at Southampton between 2001-2018, as a Head of Division and the Faculty Director of Graduate School.

Sara told Sussed News: ‘The combination of leadership skills acquired through my equivalent role in Plymouth, combined with my detailed understanding of Health Sciences in Southampton will enable me to provide both continuity and stability and to expand the vision and further enhance the reputation of this world leading School. I am really looking forward to working with you and to supporting all the staff and students in the School, whatever clinical or professional area, to deliver quality healthcare education and research that we are all proud of.’

Since 2007, the proportion of women at the highest level of the university’s pay grade has increased from 17.7% to 26.5%, while the numbers of women in the middle grades (4 through 6) has increased by around 7%.


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