Student Pulse Survey: The Results


On the 19th March, the University of Southampton (UoS) published the results of it’s ‘Student Pulse’ Survey. This survey was intended to discover how students were finding their university experience, with a particular focus on how they felt about the radically altered circumstances and teaching methods. 

The key points are as follows:

  • Just 43% of students that responded felt that their health and wellbeing was supported by the University.
  • An unstated number of students have said that they wanted to feel part of a community, with UoS’s response being that they should get involved with SUSU,  as it ‘has so many opportunities for you to do just that’. 
  • A slender majority (52%) said that they felt academically supported by UoS.
  • More positively, 65% said UoS had kept them sufficiently up to date
  • 66% said that they felt campus had been made safe for work and learning
  • And 59% said that they knew where to find help and advice outside their course

The University has recently launched a new Student Support online chat service, which is available 24/7. You can access it here. UoS has also issued a reminder that there are counselling services available here, and that your PAT is the first point of contact for academic issues. You can find out who your PAT is on your student record.


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