Yay or Nay? Interview 1


You may know her as the David Cameron ‘non-believer’, but what does English student Chloe Green think about the other candidates and the elections in general? Green is one of three students the Wessex Scene is asking, yay or nay?


Are you going to vote? Yay of course – you can’t complain about the government unless you have actively attempted to change it by voting.

Do you know where to vote? Yay, it’s posted already.

Will who wins affect you? Yay, it will affect everyone.

The idea of a prime ministerial debate? Politics becoming accessible to the masses = yay!

The reality of the prime ministerial debate? Yay… to an extent. Of course, so much is judged on confidence, image, body language and the like, which means it detracts from the real issues but nevertheless, they’ve been great. They have shaken the foundations of general assumption and made quite a dramatic difference. Thanks to the televised debates, this is no longer a two horse race.

Were you distracted by the candidates’ ties/make up/newly bought suits? Yay – Clegg was wearing one that looked suspiciously red on 3rd!? But apart from that, not really. A suit is a suit.

David Cameron, Prime Minister? NAY NAY NAY, let’s hope not. But unfortunately things are looking that way. I stand by what I said – I don’t believe him. ‘Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful, murder respectable and give an appearance of solidity to pure wind’ – Orwell.

Gordon Brown, still Prime Minister? Nay, I don’t think anything much would get done.

A hung parliament? Unfortunately, it seems to be yay but hardly ideal.

The conservatives wanting to create 10,000 new University places in 2010? Nay, what a joke. I thought university was “over-subscribed” and we were supposed to be doing apprenticeships? I’m confused.

Labour wanting to keep tuition fees? Yay, as long as that 3 grand cap is tightly affixed.

The LibDems wanting to scrap University tuition fees over six years? Nay, not realistic – which areas of public spending will have to be drastically reduced in order for this to happen? NHS? The police? I dread to think.

Students not voting on Thursday? Nay, terrible behaviour!

These questions? Yay…?


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    ” If tution fees are raised to £7,000, I wouldnt be able to afford to go to uni” Chloe Green, interview with bbc

    student loan covers your tution fees until you are earning over £15,000 a year after graduation, and will still apply if fees are risen.

    so why the beef chloe?

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    “CHLOE to DC: What about me? If I didn’t have government support I wouldn’t be here.”

    translation: Thanks Labour for removing up front fees, providing grants and bursaries to those from backgrounds and socio economic groups who otherwise would not consider coming to HE and basically allowing me,Chloe Green, to come to Uni.

    “Gordon Brown, still Prime Minister? Nay, I don’t think anything much would get done.”

    Well considering I have just praised his government for reforming student contributions to HE and enabling people like me to come to Uni. I’m going to praise government support with one hand and knock them with the other with no clear answer on an alternative except to say that “Yeah Change is like good you know!”

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