Attend SUSU's Annual General Meeting


Date: Thursday 13th May

Time: 12:00 pm

Place: Union Cinema


The AGM is the highest decision-making body in SUSU — and every student is invited and encouraged to attend. Turn up at the AGM and  use your vote to sway decisions about the way your union is run. In fact, you can literally write the rules yourself. Any motion that’s passed by you at the AGM becomes SUSU policy, meaning the officers  have to act upon it. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Never forget that it’s  your union.

Turn up the heat on SUSU — grill your sabbatical team!

Your elected sabbatical officers will all be present: President, AU President, VP Education & Representation, VP Media & Communications, VP Welfare & Societies, and Winchester President. They’ll tell you what they’ve done this year, and you’ll have the chance to ask them anything.

Shake the foundations of your union — vote on big changes afoot at SUSU!

SUSU is undergoing a lot of changes this year. Attending the AGM is one of the many ways you can be a part of that. Go along and use your vote to help us make big decisions on SUSU’s future.

Change the motion of the ocean — you have the power to make union policy!

If there is an issue upon which you, as a student, feel the Union should have an official opinion, then submit a motion! If it passes, the motion will pass into policy and will be acted upon by the elected officers. Your motion could be on anything you feel matters to students e.g. the quality of education, accommodation, finance, social events, clubs, society, volunteering etc. To give you an idea, here are some examples of motions discussed by the last meeting of Union Council:

Course Cuts
Private Rented Society
Robin Hood Tax
Manifesto Transparency

Submit your motions before 12pm on Monday 10th May.

See how the union are spending your money.

Cast your eyes over SUSU’s Annual Report and Accounts, review and approve the list of SUSU affiliations and donations to external bodies, and ask any questions you may have.

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