Survey Shows Improved Quality of Life with Greener University Campuses


A recent study in America has shown that there may be a link between student perceptions of ‘quality of life’ at university and the amount of ‘green space’ on campus. Researchers from Texas State University conducted an online survey and found that undergraduates said that they were primarily ‘high users’ of green spaces (around 90%) which correlated with a perceived high quality of life. The study admits that academic performance may be the most important factor determining enjoyment during university but the outside space available to students also suggested a definitive relationship to course  satisfaction.

Southampton University is known for its green space and, as a city, it is ranked one of the greenest in the UK due the large parks and commons available to the community. Furthermore, the Highfield Campus is described on the university website as having “green and pleasantly landscaped surroundings” as green space is no doubt a selling point when choosing somewhere to live and work. Judging by this study then, the quality of life of Southampton students must be overall positive.

Let us know if you think the green campus here at Southampton is important for enjoying university and making you want to learn?

And if the thought  of the looming exams is stressful why not revise outside or take a break on the common to make the work seem more manageable.


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    One of the main reasons why I came to study at Southampton was the green space and stream. Also the sports centre and of course its acedemic excelence!

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