All-day Summer Festival to Return to Glen


An all-day summer festival is planned to return to Glen Eyre this summer, after the last two years have been cancelled.

‘SHADE’ is plugged as ‘Southampton’s hottest all day event’ and will take place Saturday 12th June to celebrate the end of exams. The event will feature live acts, comedy, dance groups, bands, magicians, circus acts and DJs. Also planned throughout the day will be giant inflatables, sumo wrestling, and Gladiator jousting. Glen Bar, a burger van, and an ice-cream van will also be providing food and drink all day.

Break Dancers and Southampton DJs will continue the event into the night at Glen Bar, performing and playing all evening. A ‘Big name’ act is also expected to be announced soon for the event. Glen Eyre JCR President Shane Murphy is involved in planning ‘SHADE’. He said: ‘We’ll be running a DJ competition for students where those who sign up will be given a short set, and then the winner will be given a set to play later that evening. Jamie Ings will be choosing the winner and also be playing a set. We’re going to be screening the first England World Cup match at the bar in front of the dance floor too, and we’ve got about a grand to spend on decorations for the bar so it should be epic.’

Fresher Rep winners will also be announced on the night, and a professional photographer will be taking pictures all evening.

The event is the first in three years for Glen Eyre, after its JCR-organised ‘Beer Fest’ was cancelled in 2008 after worries it promoted irresponsible drinking to Southampton students. Back then, Assistant Director of Business and Community Services, Dave Berry, said: ‘The University is not able to support an event where the primary focus is the consumption of alcohol.’ The event and its cancellation coincided with reports at the time that Southampton University had been isolated as one of the top three Universities in the UK for excessive drinking. Wessex Lane however, has held an all-day event every year, and this year will be held the day after ‘SHADE’ at Connaught Halls.

‘SHADE’ is organised by Glen Eyre, Bencraft and Chamberlain JCR and will be held at Glen Eyre Hill and Bar from midday. Tickets are £10, which provides a t-shirt allowing access to the event and discounted drink prices throughout the day and evening.

Tickets are on sale now at the box office, and can be bought online: For more information and ticket delivery, contact Tickets for The Wessex All-Day Event are £5, and can be bought from Connaught Bar or the Boiler House.


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