Just What We Didn't Need: Google Pac-Man


Last week Google changed their logo to a playable Pac-Man game to mark 30 years since the game was initially launched in Japan. A recent study has suggested that the  game cost society almost $120m in work productivity.

These estimates come from Rescuetime, a time management blog, showing on average an extra 36 seconds was spent on the Google homepage while the Pacman logo was displayed. While this figure seems small, consider that Google had 503m views that day, it adds up to an increase of 4.8 million hours spent on the homepage – about 549 years.

Rescuetime suggested, for that money, it would be possible to hire all Google’s employees and put them to work for about six weeks.

In the midst of revision period, it is likely that the average student spent significantly more time than 36 seconds playing Pac-Man, but if we choose to go off the figures given and assume that the average Southampton student visits Google only once per day, about 250 hours worth of valuable revision time has been spent by Southampton students playing the game.

Considering Southampton University is in the midst of procrastination-filled revision period, and most students visit Google more than once per day, this figure is likely a huge underestimate.

If you’d like to play the game again, vist http://www.google.com/pacman.


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    I took a break from facebook, fitfinder, textsfromlastnight.com and trueLAD to play pacman on google… true procrastination at the worst time!

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