Bare All For World Naked Bike Ride


Feeling Daring?

At 6pm on the 11th June Southampton is hosting its fourth annual bike ride with a difference.

Cyclists will take to the streets for a 6 mile bike ride completely, or very nearly naked. Many participants in the past have chosen to decorate themselves with body paint or wear small items of clothing such as swimwear or inventive costumes to avoid baring absolutely everything; however many do take part wearing nothing but their cycle helmets. The only dress code being ‘bare as you dare’.

World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international group which takes place in 20 counties around the world and over 60 cities. It is a peaceful environmental protest against the dependency on oil and cars which is evident in today’s culture. In addition WNBR emphasises riding naked as a way of representing the vulnerability of cyclists on the road caused by the high level of traffic driving today.

Southampton is one of only 9 cities in the UK to hold this event, others including Brighton and London which are also taking place later this month.

The event has previously been very successful as according to the Daily Echo last year “around 150 brave activists stripped of for the protest ride”. This year hopes to be just as successful and aims to raise awareness of the environmental advantages of cycling rather than driving.

With weather set to improve this week as summer approaches why not show your support, plus a little more, and take a slightly different cycle around Southampton than the usual ride up to university.

When: Friday 11th June 2010

Time: 6-8pm

Where: East Side of Southampton Common Highfield Road/ Omduman Road Southampton SO17 1BF

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