Students Urged to Recycle


The University of Southampton, SUSU and Southampton City Council are launching a ‘Recycling on your doorstep’ initiative on Friday 4th June 2010 with a Jumble Sale on the concourse. The following week will see student volunteers encourage students to recycle unwanted items, in Portswood and the Halls of Residence.

The aim of the initiative is to help students protect themselves from damage deposits, avoid fines from the Council and to save the environment. After student tenants leave their rented accommodation, traditionally on June 30th, there are reports each year of landlords docking large amounts from deposits for any objects left inside.

On Monday and Tuesday between 11am and 5pm, a ‘Green Army’ of volunteers will be talking to students, providing information leaflets and free recycling bags  to student addresses to help clear out all their old junk ready for the SUSU army of volunteers to come and collect. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10.30am and 5pm, the University’smoon buggy, EcoTruck and the SUSU minibuses will be collecting up all the unwanted items and sending them to charities or ensuring they are properly recycled.

They need lots of volunteers to make sure the event is a success. If interested, you can sign up at: . All volunteers will be registered with the University and there will be prizes and freebies for those taking part.


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