Stanning ‘Stands Up’ as New Academic Affairs Vice President


Rob Stanning was this evening announced as the new Academic Affairs Vice President, beating Martin Underwood to the position by 33 votes.

1299 votes were cast by students in this week’s by-election, after the role became available following the resignation of previous Academic Affairs elect Chris Pidgley due to health reasons.

Pidgley’s original campaign manager Bradley Fitchew came third in the by-election race, followed by Charlotte Ferguson-Glover, Harriet Collins, Drew Hart, Jonathon Bates and then Emily Dixon.

Stanning, who won the position with 568 votes overall including those transferred from candidates knocked out earlier with fewer votes, will take up the position this Monday. He was the only candidate who stood for the position in the original Union elections over three months ago.

The third year History student said: ‘It’s what I’ve always wanted really, so it’s been quite emotional and bizarre in a way. It’s been a difficult campaign week, and I didn’t think anyone would be able to call it before the results were announced.’

Underwood, this year’s Union Postgraduate Officer, said: ‘Rob will do a really good job and I wish him best of luck for next year. I know he’ll do a good job.’

Previous Management President Bradley Fitchew told the Wessex Blog: ‘I’ve had an awesome time campaigning and I’m really glad I’ve taken part. I wish Rob best of luck, he really cares about the job and that’s what matters. I want to thank everyone who voted for and supported me.’

On announcement of the results, Harriet Collins commented that ‘I just wanted to say that I’m disappointed to lose another SUSU election. I’ll admit that I wasn’t best for the job and I just want to thank my campaign team for helping me a second time.’

Current VP Eduaction and Representation Becky Maclean said: ‘I’m happy and glad about the outcome. I think next year will be great. Of all the candidates who stood for the position, there were a few who would be best for it, and I think that Rob is one of those few.’ She continued, ‘It’s been a different type of campaign this week. It’s been very friendly, and less ‘in your face’ than the original election campaign week.  I do think that some candidates missed a trick by not campaigning to Postgraduate and Medical students though.’

On the results of the election Pidgley commented: ‘I wish Rob good luck and I think he’ll do a great job.’


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      Martin was clearly the most experienced, Bradley a close second on quality. Rob won because he ran in the original elections.

      He’ll have a tough year and needs to prove to students that he can do this job properly.

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    Actually, Harriet Collins also stood three months ago, Rob wasn’t the only one. And as a medic who had exams this week, believe me, the last thing we wanted was a load campaining in our faces. I think they did the right thing keeping it ‘friendly’.

    Well done Rob!

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      Oh of course, I didn’t mean students should be campaigning in your faces – I’m glad it was toned down, I just meant candidates may have missed a trick by not recognising that Medics and Postgrads were still around – they could have used that chance to speak to them to find out what the issues affecting them are.

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