University of Southampton Falls in League Tables, Whilst Solent University Climbs.


This year’s University League Tables have revealed that the University of Southampton has fallen from top 12th to top 18th University in the country, despite hopes that the University’s excellent reputation in terms of research would create a break it into the top ten. Although this is a disappointment, the university still boasts one of the country’s lowest dropout rates. The top place was claimed as usual by Oxford, closely followed by Cambridge, and the University of Winchester climbed from 96th to 89th place.

However, Winchester is not the only university to have noticed a pleasing change: Southampton Solent is no longer at the bottom of the League Tables. This position instead goes to London Met, as the Solent University is now positioned at 115 in the official ranking system of the UK’s 118 universities.

Dr Mike Wilkinson, the University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor, defends the low, albeit slightly improved, reputation of Southampton Solent, claiming that it ‘focuses on teaching and learning, applied research and enterprise’, adding that none of these traits are ‘measured properly in league tables’. Despite Wilkinson’s argument, as well as the slight rise in the League Tables, Southampton Solent sees students graduate with the fewest 2:1 or First degree classifications out of the country’s Universities.

Despite the slight fall in the University of Southampton’s ranking and the small increase in the placing of Southampton Solent, the gap between the two universities is still huge, with the former almost at the top of the League Tables and the latter almost at the bottom.

The University of Southampton need not worry about competition with supposed rival (especially in terms of all things sport related!) Portsmouth University either, which is ranked as 85th in the League Tables.


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    Actually, you’re figure of 18th is, I believe, taken from the Guardian whereas your figure of 12th comes from the Sunday Times. If you look solely at the Guardian’s methodology (which is always harsh on the university) the University of Southampton has actually risen 4 places from 2010 (where it was 22nd).

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