University of Southampton Triumphs with Best Electronic Engineering Student in Europe.


The University of Southampton leads the way in engineering, according to an investigation into top universities, and has recently proven this great achievement with the success of electronic engineering student Steffi Sesuraj. This First Class Honours graduate is the Best Electronic Engineering Student in Europe, an exciting title for which she won the ARM Award, an impressive award she achieved thanks to her nomination from supervisor Professor Darren Bagnall.

Bagnall was particularly pleased with her third-year project, entitled ‘Design, Fabrication and Characterisation of a Nano-Plasmonic back reflector for a-Si Thin Film Solar Cells’. Her insightful investigation revealed that ‘plasmonic arrays of metal nano-particles can be used to significantly improve the performance of solar cells’.

The SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) European Awards, which rewarded Steffi with her prestigious title, were presented on Friday 3rd September at the London Hilton and attracted a wide-ranging audience, including senior industry executives.

The high-achiever feels pleased to have worked with the ECS Nano Research Group during the completion of her project and plans to study to doctoral level, making use of Southampton’s Nanofabrication Centre with the aim of finding a way to produce ‘cost-effective solar cells’.

Steffi says that ‘I’ve constantly been on the move in my life, from India to the Netherlands and now Southampton’. She adds that ‘I feel at home in this university and look forward to another four exciting and fruitful years of research’, which will be overseen by both Professor Darren Bagnall and Dr Harold Chong. We are sure that the talented student will continue to impress with her research findings and will have a bright career in the future.


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