RAGfest raises over £1550 on mammoth day of fundraising


RAG once again proved their worth this Monday after raising just over £1550 at the annual RAGfest event.

It is thought that the money marks a record-breaking day for Southampton RAG, but the Wessex Scene, are as of yet, unable to confirm this, with the final tally still being calculated.

RAGfest raised just over £900 from the societies on the day with the remaining £650 coming from the bbq held on the concourse. It was a lively day with numerous fund raising events taking place, and RAG volunteers squeezing every last penny from passing students.

RAG officer Grace Allingham said “I’m really pleased with the money we raised, the whole event was really good fun and it marks a great start to the year. It was such a success that we are now hoping to do a Re-RAGfest during Refreshers’ week”.


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    Everyone who helped during the day should be extremely proud, what a great amount to raise. With so many people bouncing around Union square, taking part in a load of activities and several Panda’s bowling about the place…it was the perfect way to begin fresher’s week!

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    Charlotte Woods (VP Media and Comms)

    Just to add to this, last year’s ragfest raised around £300 so to up the total to £1500 (approx) this year when the day’s main purpose was to raise awareness rather than funds is just an incredioble achievement, so well done to Grace, Emily and everyone else who worked so hard.

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    What a fantastic event! I played polo (and won a packet of polos), won a rowing competition against the new student activities manager Jenna (yay!), fenced with the surge station manager, listened to super singers, watched ballroom on the red brick, entered a raffle, ate a yummy burger and spent all my spare change but it was WELL WORTH IT!

    Clubs and societies joined together with RAG to raise an unbelievable sum of money! Just a massive congratulations and thank you to all those involved!

    I am so looking forward to the next RAG event!
    Big vp welfare and societies love,
    Emily xx

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