Police commotion on Portswood Road.


5 police cars with sirens blaring were seen driving at high speed down Portswood road towards The Hobbit at around 12.30am this morning.

The cars stopped opposite Champagne Charlie’s, blocking the Bevois Valley crossroads, and the accompanying officers were seen talking to several men.

An eye-witness to the disturbance was seen hailing down passing police cars and was overheard telling officers that a man with a baton and chains was further up the road.

The police are believed to be on high alert following the recent stabbing on Gordon Avenue.

Article to be updated as soon as more information is available.


UPDATE: An eye-witness observed several men with dogs acting threateningly towards a French man. After throwing a bin and what looked like a metal pole at the man, they chased after him. Another man was overheard talking to police and mentioned that the men with dogs possessed knives.

This is the second knife related crime to occur in the Portswood area in less than a week.


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    I heard someone talking to the police, (paraphrasing here) who said that he had seen a Nunchuk (not the Wii one obviously) somewhere down the road. I also saw a man in fancy dress as a ninja in the Mitre earlier on in the night, he had a very plastic looking Nunchuk, don’t know if he had anything to do with it, but wanted to say anyway.

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