SUSU’s Fees & Funding Survey Results- What do Students Think?


A few weeks ago I began the process of looking into conducting a survey to establish what our students’ opinions are on the topic of fees & funding in higher education. In doing so I hoped to gain vital evidence for SUSU in ensuring that it properly represents its members and that it campaigns effectively as an organisation.

After spending what seemed like ages researching and some collaboration with colleagues at Imperial University SU, the survey went live (it is still open and can be found here- please fill it out if you haven’t already). So far we have had around 1,400 responses- a fantastic achievement. Thank you to all who have taken part.

As the political situation regarding fees & funding continues to move ever quicker, I though it useful to take some interim results from the survey to inform my current campaigning on this issue. The statistics certainly make interesting reading. I will be publishing a full report in the near future and also will be revealing more information in the next Wessex Scene Sabbatical supplement, due soon. The information will also be made availiable shortly afterward on this blog. I am currently working with SUSU staff to crunch through all the numbers but for now, here are some stats to wet your appetite:

-92.8% of respondants claimed to be aware that the Government is considering a review of higher education funding.

-73.7% of respondants agreed or strongly agreed that they should contribute finanacially towards their education.

-74.4% of respondants disagreed or strongly disagreed that the amount you pay should be dependant on which University you study at.

-63.3% of respondants disagreed or strongly disagreed that the amount you pay for your education should depend on the subject.

Plenty more interesting stats to come. In the meantime- what do you think?


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