LIVE from Vice Chancellor’s Question Time


Hello and welcome to the Vice Chancellor’s Question Time! The Wessex Scene team will be providing live updates throughout.


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    Great live blog guys, lots to take from that i think, and it hits home right now more than ever, we have to make sure the Governement hear our voices now and join the national battle.

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    I stand by the opinion that the VC DOES know which courses have come bottom of the “student demand” survey!

    He came across as very sensible – the key issue highlighted by the talk for me, which was only a hint and not explicitly said, is that students are not grouping together enough to confront the Government. The Sabbs REALLY need to promo the NUS Demo in the coming week…

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    Sasha, i completely agree and it is firmly on our agenda.

    I think the fact we didn’t fill the place out today shows that there is something we need to be concerned about

    The message needs to be made clearer to the average student, just how much of a knock on a effect everything could have for them and just how much the University could transform in the next few years

    We have to fight the cuts, and we have to take as many people as can to the Demo. This week i’ve spoken with Unions around the country who are taking between 150 – 300 people on the Demo, we want even more!

    Help the Sabbs in promoting it, get talking, telling your friends, group together and make November 10th a date that sends you to London!

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