Snow Day: University Closed


The University of Southampton will be closed today, a University spokesperson has said.

With over 15 centimetres of snow fallen overnight, the University confirmed that lectures would not take place.

Senior staff at the University spent over 40 minutes deliberating, in a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor this morning.

A spokesperson said: ‘Due to severe weather the University will be closed today. We are unable to provide reasonable support to students. Please check the University website for updates.’

The Wessex Scene spoke to the University regarding reports from students that lecturers are e-mailing them asking them to go in despite the snow. Director of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Gavin Costigan said. ‘We are trying to be as practical as we can. Those students who are already at University whether for academic, research or administrative purposes are welcome to continue working.’

When told that lecturers are asking students to come in Costigan said, ‘We are not asking students to come in from home, it’s just not practical. We would like all students who are at university to leave by 3 O’clock as we have been warned the temperature will be dropping’.

Union President Billy FitzJohn has confirmed that the Union and its facilities are closing at 10.30 this morning. The Wessex Scene has learnt that the Union shop may remain open until midday.

The library will close at 3pm.

The snow, predicted to hit the south today since the start of last week, has caused chaos across the country for the last few days.

Southampton Airport has now been closed, and police have urged drivers to stay off the roads.

The University has not confirmed whether they will remain closed tomorrow.

The snow is expected to clear later today, but weather forecasters have predicted temperatures around minus 12 degrees centigrade for tonight.

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    Library is working like normal. Wonder if this will mean an extension of voting in the referendum, this severely effects the ability of campaign teams to speak to people/ do lecture shout outs. Probably not but it is a real shame that campaigning is being hindered so much by the weather this week.

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    Some lecturers at NOCS are still making their classes go ahead despite the difficulty of getting down there. Why one rule for Highfield and another rule for the other campuses?

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    The Boiler House (Monte) and Chambers Bar (Chamberlain) are open for business all day today, serving all the usual drinks plus hot tea/coffee/hot chocolate. Plus, you can make it irish for just £2 so pop in after messing about in the snow and warm up! Pizza’s also being served at The Boiler House as usual.

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