LIVE: SUSU NUS Referendum


SUSU waits in anticipation for the results of a referendum that asks: Should Southampton University Student’s Union be affiliated with the NUS. This Live Blog will take you through the build-up and aftermath of a very important day in the SUSU calendar!


Afternoon! Welcome to my political world, reporting on all things studenty and politics-like. I do most of my writing whilst browsing the Internet when I should be doing other things, and I do love a good stat, so do expect links and numbers that are meaningless yet informative. Enjoy!

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    Excellent turnout. I’m still not sure which way I want this to go, but I’m proud that both sides have made their voices heard, and that the debate has been passionate. More maturity about our campaigns than the radical-left occupations we’ve seen elsewhere this week.

    (A 2009 graduate)

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