LIVE: Parliamentary Tuition Fee Debate


Welcome to D-Day: the day of reckoning for the Government and their Tuition Fee proposals. Today, Government will discuss the matter of whether to increase the cap on Tuition Fees.

I’ll be here until the very end, blogging what is said in the Commons from start to finish, so if you want to get in touch, tweet either myself @sashwatson or @wessexscene, or leave your comments below!

Jessica Fuhl will also be reporting from the ground, as she’s traveled with SUSU to Parliament, where a final demonstration is taking place. If you want to follow all the latest tweets from the scene, the hashtag is #susumarch


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    14.30RT@BBCLauraK: A Lib dem MP tells me ‘the only pledge I ll ever make again is never again to make a pledge’

    that is, if any Lib Dems manage to get re-elected …

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    I’m stunned 1) by the relatively few MPs still in the chamber to listen to the remaining arguments and 2) by the slouching from some of the MPs, especially on the front benches. Sit up! This is your job and demands a bit of decorum!

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