Sobar Stops Selling Quadvods


Portswood’s student club Sobar no longer sells quadvods of any sort. According to a barman at the venue, the alcoholic drink of four vodka shots and a mixer of choice has been banned from their venue after they have been prevented from selling the drink at future club nights by local authorities.

Students are also banned from buying two doubles and asking for a pint glass. The unnamed barman claimed, ‘the police will come down hard on us if we continue doing it’. The barman soon added, ‘make sure you moan loudly when you walk past the bouncers on the way out’. It is unknown whether Jesters is also set to become victim to the clamp on quadvods as the venue was closed tonight. One student who regularly attends Sobar said, ‘This is a travesty, an absolute f*****g joke. Why now? I only have 6 months of Uni left’.

The Scene will update this article once it is known whether Jesters will also be affected by the clamp down on the sale of quadvods.


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    Its called having a licence, something which these bars have been completely disregarding for too long.
    Hopefully this will mean that students will realise how appalling these bars really are . . doubt it though, there will always be skanky students willing to roll around in vomit with the freshers down in sobar.

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    A Worried Parent!

    As a parent I am extremely pleased with this decision, as I thought it was irresponsible of the clubs selling vast amounts of alcohol to students encourageing them to drink too much ,which often resulted in them passing out or being extrememly sick.(both damaging their health!!) Well done to whoever initiated the decision.

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      Good job this isn’t on the Daily Echo website (at least yet), otherwise we’d be getting the usual “I’m an adult who didn’t go to university so I think I’ll shit on all the university students’ fun” replies. This isn’t exactly terrible news, but it is a shame that now we’ll have to pay for extra drinks to get as sh**faced as we could with the quads.

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    The vodka in there is terrible anyway. I think people underestimate the power of predrinks anyway. Some people get trashed before they even get to sobar but just continue drinking and end up a mess…It was always going to happen – there were talks of this a while back. People should remember you don’t have to get trashed to have fun. Put this into perspective – no one is banning alcohol 🙂

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      Emma Lester

      I pose however that the quad vod is in itself compensatory for the poor quality of vodka, given that you only need to drink half of the beverage to destroy most of your senses and the second half is then primed to fill you merriment and joy. Im sure they have better Voddy in waitrose, maybe we’ll just come party at the meat counter instead.

      Kind Regards,
      Tom West

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    After working in the bar industry as bar staff and as security for many years and then becoming a mature student, I can quite clearly say that IT IS NOT THE AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL THAT IS THE PROBLEM, IT’S THE PEOPLE DRINKING IT! I mean, how many fights do you see in Jesters? I mean serious fights. I only know of one serious incident in Jesters where someone got glassed a few years back and it was by a non student. Stop treating people like children and let them make their own choices and learn their own limits.

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    There’s a distinct problem with this: if they’re still selling dirty cheap doubles, people can still buy 4 shots of vodka at the same time for the same price, they just have to be in seperate cups. Doesn’t make you drink them any slower. I like a good cheap night in sobar as much as the next person, it just seems a bit counterintuitive: the cheapness it what encourages the bingeing, not the size of the glass it’s sold in.
    The fact that students have got used to the bars breaking the law…that’s the problem of the bars, not the students.

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    awww this is so sad, I love the comment at the end of this article Dan too, split my sides!

    Dan, A personal favour,

    Could you please investigate the impact of vile and suicide inducing music in venues such as Sobar and Jesters, personally if there was a nice samba or chacha or even just straight up Sean paul all night I wouldn’t need to drink at all. I would groove my little tushi all night long on the rythms alone, but instead they play things like busted, the baywatch song and guns and roses and all sorts of poo and it makes me want to start fights and intoxicate myself to dangerous levels, in order to forget the fact that my one night out that has cost my a princely £3 to get into must be marred by overcrowding and a god afwul din. I hope that I am not alone here and whilst I don’t actually know what a tushi, chacha or samba is, I would invite all those who share my views to come and join me in discovering.

    Look out for Botox – a new dj Duo set to transform southampton’s morbid music scene ! X X X peace out homeboys.

    I would also like

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    I dont understand why quad vods encourage irresponsible drinking, its simply two doubles in a pint glass… = same strength as a double. Besides, people are just going to come back to the bar sooner than if they’d bought a quad vod, or just by two doubles and have the inconvenience of carrying two drinks.

    On another note, what about Jesticles? they have four shots in them (okay, not all ~40% but still…), or the hobbit cocktails (3 shots I think)

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        If this travesty was to occur, Jesters could always switch to pint and a quarter glasses (someone must make them) and they could add a tad more oj. Dodge the legal limits!

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      when i worked in a bar, we were told that the licensing laws for bars were that if a drink contains more than three liquid ingredients, it counts as a cocktail and you can put whatever the hell you want in it……

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    Is this actually a joke!? Haha, I guess the days of me buying two quad-vod blues on the go at the same time are over…

    To be honest though, a quadvod usually provides no more proportion of alcohol than a double-vodka… as a quad is just a double, but twice the size… same concentration. Who cares though, lets just hope this doesn’t translate to all bars in the Soton area.

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    This artical seems a little opinionated and personal. Also I think its probably for the best, if you really want to drink that much then theres nothing stopping you going to the bar twice to get two drinks, we cope in most other places.

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      Worried Social Sec

      But the queues are RIDICULOUS. And I don’t about you but I can’t carry more than 3 drinks at a time when I’m sober, let alone drunk and working my way through a hundred people desperate to get their turn at the bar.

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    Hi, the grammar for me is ok, maybe because I’m Spanish ahah.

    Here there is no rules about that… you just say “stop” to the barman when you don’t want more vodka in your glass…

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    Whilst there’s so many people reading this page, I’d just like to turn everyone’s attention to the women’s day poster that SUSU did. Totally and utterly disgusting.

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    Just buy two doubles, one without ice, and neck that one at the bar, allowing you to enjoy the paintstriper taste of the second double at a leisurely pace… Its a pointless move on both sides to be honest, this will not provide any incentive for us to drink any less at sobar, just create more problems, as people will be holding or guarding more cups/glasses now which inevitably, in sobars crowded garden or dance floor, leads to spillages and subsequent fights or accidents. Plus we now look at a longer que at the bar, annoying and aggravating the punters, which will only exacerbate things. So once everyone is suitable smashed they will be so in an angry, slippery and more chaotic venue.

    Cracking job boys…

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    i think this is a sensible measure that will impact my drinking habits in a positive way, resulting in a more mature and responsible attitude towards alcohol…..NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT, I’ll buy 10 doubles, chin them all at the bar, grope the nearest stranger, vomit on the decking, stagger to manzils, nap, eat, crawl to chicko land, hook up with a gunter, wake up for a gordon arms lunch. Rinse and repeat until loans run out.

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    I think sobar should be banned from selling anything! it’s a dirty, smelly, unwelcoming place and they are more interested in taking your money without the service. It takes AGES to get a drink & ages to get to the toilet. They sell the cheapest spirits at stupidly cheap prices and there is always trouble. They try and copy everything J’s does on certain nights but it doesn’t work. jesters isn’t the cleanest of places but it has cleaned up it’s act lately! I did have a special “sobar” shoes because it got that bad in there. why ruin your night & end up in the sobar?? drinks at home…then maybe varsity…then gordon’s…then jesters = a quality night out!!
    I’m glad the local authorities have done something about it!

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          Dont change your name to something else to pretend someone else agrees with you!!!

          Regardless of anything everyone knows that in terms of being skank Jesters wins hands down!!! I saw someone openly piss against the bar many a time and noone gave a crap. Its just skanky from start to finish!

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            And yet as a doorman at jesters, If i see anyone being sick or pissing I simply throw them out. And I haven’t done that in a while because it never really happens anymore. Yes it was quite common in the past, but the place has picked its act up in the last couple of years. O and to add to that, those who think the place is covered in crap, and full of people throwing up all over the place are just mental, we wouldn’t be able to open if that was the case.

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    Maths Students all over the university have been left devastated by reports of a popular local bar no longer serving drinks containing 4 shots of vodka. There are fears in the department that in addition to the extra stress pertaining to a lack of social activities, student’s work will suffer on account of them having nowhere to practice their QUAD-ratics.

    That is all.

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    We like the effects!

    I don’t think that it is just the price, as some people seem to be claiming. What people like about alcohol is its effects. That it is inexpensive doesn’t help but people seem to like the feeling of being drunk. If anything we need an overhaul in society in general. In many ways I feel that students are unneccessarily blamed for their antics when we are just “having fun” (though less people spewing in Jesters would be appreciated!) – see comments below re: type of people drinking. It seems that students may at least have an element of decorum when they are intoxicated, unlike some parts of the Southampton population.

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    “Selling spirit measures in more than a treble was illegal under previous licensing laws.
    But when the 2003 Licensing Act came into force, that was scrapped.
    Now licensees are only committing an offence through irresponsible retailing if they serve someone who is clearly drunk.” Liverpool Echo 04/10/09

    So why have they banned them? The drink its self isn’t illegal it’s the minority spoiling it for the majority as usual.


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      The police and licensing committee are in their powers to stop any promotion or event that they feel promotes irresponsible/binge drinking. I imagine they are getting pretty fed up with Sobar and the trouble that happens outside the club. Bear in mind this isn’t the first time Sobar have had a drinks promotion banned… Anyone remember 1p Guinness?

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            perhaps football should be banned at st marys as there is often trouble outside the ground?

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            I never said that they banned quads because there was trouble as you are insinuating. I was highlighting the fact that it could have been part of the reason they were banned as they wouldn’t just ban it for no reason…

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            Actually it was not banned. Sobar was advised by licensing not to sell guinness for 1p a pint. Licensing and Sobar then agreed that a pint of guinness could be given away FREE to each customer from 20:00-22:00. I attend regular meetings with licensees,licensing and the police; the bevois valley/portswood area has less drunk and disorderly, anti social behaviour than other Southampton city centre areas such as bedford place above/below bar, lesiure world.

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    Hahahaha. Daniel Webb this article made me laugh so much! (I don’t know how deliberate the comedic genius actually was, but i’m not complaining!) Who was this commenting student? I think I love them.

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    chinny chin chin

    re:”You are a moron”

    Actually, i am. but that was a lucky guess on your part.

    my statement, however, was not moronic (which is unlike me).

    statistically there are many more arrests at saints matches than sobar (50 last season compared to 1 in the last 3 years) taking into account approx 4 times as many attend the football it is still approx 37.5:1

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