Pigs Loose in Southampton – Update


At least two pot-bellied pigs are thought to be roaming Southampton after several sightings of them in the past week. Following their supposed escape from a nearby farm they have been spotted several times in the Springford Gardens area and surrounding housing estates.

One of the pot-bellied Vietnamese pigs is black and white, while the other is white. They are not generally dangerous, but the RSPCA should be contacted if the pair are seen. The police and RSPCA hope to find the animals soon, not only for the pigs, who are more suited to country than suburban living, but also to prevent any road accidents happening as a result.

UPDATE: The four runaway pigs have been tracked down and taken to an animal sanctuary, where they have been named Delia, Nigella, Davina and Holly after television personalities. They are thought to have escaped from a badly fenced field several weeks ago and settled down in the Coxford neighborhood when residents started feeding them.


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    Can you eat them?
    If so do they taste like “ordinary” pork/bacon?
    I imagine there will be an excessive amount of fat, just like the home grown porkers people kept during and after WW2.
    Be a pity t waste them.

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