SUSU to scrap dining at Grad Ball?


As you may have already seen in previous articles, the Graduate ball planning is firmly under way and there are a whole host of things that I know people will be extremely excited about! The Venue has now been confirmed and it will be held at the City Cruise Terminal down the waterfront.

Ticket prices, the theme, the headline act, are all things that are yet to be confirmed but we have some exciting possibilities in the pipeline. There will be an array of entertainment on the night and I’m sure it will be an incredibly special evening for all the guests that will be attending.

I remember my Grad Ball just last summer, and the entire day is a special one. A day you should be sharing with your very best mates, reflecting on the experiences you have all been through together during your time at University, I certainly won’t forget it for a long time.

Something that is currently being thought about by the Graduate ball team is the whole experience around dining at the ball with your friends. We feel that getting some further student consultation on the issue would be a great way for us to determine what route we should take with the dining option. The ticket prices are in no way confirmed, and we are only going by estimates at the moment. Some are the options would be as follows.

For the dining option that has happened in the past, putting on a 3 course meal for students will see a ticket price cost of roughly £70 – £75. Have you dined in the past, if so what did you think of it? What do you think about the dinner option in general at balls?

An alternative to this would be a VIP flying food style, with this you would see a canapé style of food being served by waiters who would constantly just go around and guests could pick up any food they wish off the platters. The price of this ticket would be approximately £60.

Another alternative would be to have no food at the actual event, but for the Union to talk to local restaurants to put on deals for people attending the event. That way guests could have far more choice around what they would like to eat together before the big partying begins. The ticket price for this would be around £35 – £45.

So what are your thoughts on these potential options? Please take 2 minutes to fill in the survey below so we can gather some data around what students want to see at the Grad ball. Please also feel free to leave plenty of comments for the team to take on board, what act would you like to see? What kind of stories have you heard from previous Grad Balls that have worked well in the past or around the country? It is important we get as many students contributing as possible; after all, it is your Union, your graduate ball and your special evening.




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    To make certain – will tickets be around £45 non-dining regardless of the meal options, or will non-diners be part subsidising the costs of the meal for those who have it by paying a little more? Otherwise this is saying the value of the meal is over the £30 difference in price, which isn’t worth it in my eyes…

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    This isn’t news and reduces the credibility of the ws….

    Post it on front of where it belongs.


    Yeah this wouldn’t possibly fit in the wessex scene, amonst the heaps of trivial s*** written in it. I for one think that most student of this university would like to know what is happening with the grad ball this year considering the lack of tickets and changes it has undergone in the past, and if this is the way for it to get maximum exposure and get people talking – so be it.


    Find out who the Wessex Mash is, we IP addressed them!:

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    Just a suggestion

    I reckon no food! And tickets only available to graduates! Will it still be split over two days?! Last year it seemed that loads of people got split up from their friends as tickets sold out so fast!?

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    I’d quite like the meal. I’ve spent a great two and a bit years so far with my friends and a posh meal as part of the same night – not just randomly turning up in a posh suit in another restaurant! – would be a lovely memory.

    Ben Brooks

    I’d second that, having spent 4 years and gaining something in the region of £30,000 for an undergraduate masters dregree here I would rather have the opportunity to celebrate it in the style I wish (attending the meal) than being forced to miss out.

    Ben Brooks

    Whoops, that should read “gaining something in the region of £30,000 debt…”

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    Just some thoughts

    I tend to find that the food at these sort of events tends to not be brilliant, however for an event such a graduation ball it makes sense to have a 3-course dining option as it allows everyone the chance to sit together and celebrate the ending of university. By gaining deals etc with local restaurants the chances fo you being able to attend with all your friends in one location is low and it will probably work out more expensive too, although there would be a greater choice and may appeal to more people. I don’t believe the idea of canapes etc is very good- the practicality of this sort of thing is low and will most likely result in lots of drunk people with food down their front. I definately think tickets should only be made available to graduates- everyone else will get their chance when they graduate to go to the ball. Will the potential thought of having a +1 to allow girlfriends/boyrfriends to go too. All just thoughts/suggestions anyway.

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    My personal opinion is I don’t really care about food. I would want a good venue, on one night only and for there to be great entertainment. I would rather my money be spent on these things then fancy food that I may or may not like. I appreciate other people will disagree with me but I imagine this night will be remembered for being with my friends and having one last crazy party together. Also I imagine that money will have to be spent on chefs, food service, making alternatives for veggies/allergies… all sorts. Have free champagne instead so I don’t have to fill my purse with money! Well that’s just my opinion anyway 🙂

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    From all the stories of last year it sounded like everyone really enjoyed it, but the organisation definately needs an overhaul – the way it was all handled and organised last year was shocking! There should only be tickets for graduates and you should make sure there is enough for everyone – to not be able to go to your own grad ball with all your friends (at the same time) would be rediculous. I think that is a much more important issue than the food option! Just do the same as before – dining and non-dining tickets then everyone is happy!

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