Southampton Yacht Sunk


A sailing yacht originally from a marina in Southampton has sunk in the Goodwin Sands.

The 36ft boat got into difficulties on Sunday afternoon after a navigational error meant it became aground on the Goodwin Sands in Deal, Kent. Luckily, all five members of the crew were rescued after their mayday call to the Coastguard meant an RAF helicopter was sent to airlift them to safety.

There were fears that the boat might beak up in stormy weather, but the crew hoped to return this morning to sale it back to their Southampton home port. Unfortunately, the yacht, named Liquid Fusion, began to sink at about six o’clock despite the crews best efforts to refloat it. The wreck is being marked with a buoy to alert other vessels to its location.

The Goodwin Sands are notoriously difficult to navigate, being, as the name suggests, made from sand and so are continuously changing shape and location.


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