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On Jan 31st, during UC, it was noted that the opening of nominations for the SUSU elections had been moved back to February 8th, whilst the closing date for nominations is to remain the same (17th Feb). This decision was made to allow time to progress with the Exec Review, which could potentially cause massive change for the structure of the elections.

It was criticised that this would give less time for students to enter themselves into the nominations process and discourage the average student, who isn’t heavily involved in SUSU. At the time of council, there was no timeline for the elections process, which made it very difficult for students, who do not sit on UC, to learn about the chronology of this year’s elections. However, since then, the timeline of the 2011 elections have been added to the SUSU website: www.susu.org/elections

Charlotte Woods, current VP Media and Comms, stated that nominations are still open for more than the minimum requirement of 5 days. She admitted that this procedure was not ideal, but that it was overall the right decision to allow progress of the Exec Review, another motion discussed by UC this week, to be made.

The Exec Review was proposed by Union President, Billy Fitzjohn, who wanted to improve the structure of the Union’s Executive Officers and review the necessary link between officers becoming trustees of the Union.

At the moment, any elected executive officer would become a trustee, which would mean being a member of the Union Management Board and therefore being heavily involved in economic decisions for the Union. The argument made in Billy’s motion was that it was too much to ask of executive officers, who were balancing this position with their studies, to also take on this responsibility.

To resolve this scenario, the Exec Review has proposed that the Environment and Ethics officer and the Equal Opportunities officer maintain their position as trustees, whilst four other trust positions, titled ‘Trustees without portfolio’, that have no other responsibilities are created.

However, there was much debate over the proposed change of executive positions, therefore Billy submitted his own amendment to his motion, which meant that the executive review will continue and they will be voted into their positions later in the year, once the executive positions have been decided.

With this amendment, Billy’s motion was passed by council, which will mean that for the upcoming SUSU elections There will be:

  • 7 Sabbatical Officers, as decided in the Sabb Review at the end of last year
  • 6 trustee positions – 2 with portfolio and 4 without.
  • All other executive positions will be decided and elected later in the year.

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