‘Voldemog’ Found In Southampton


A stray cat dubbed ‘Voldemog’ due to his resemblance to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter films found a home with fans of the franchise yesterday following an appeal by Southampton’s Blue Cross Centre.

Welfare officers from the rescue centre received thousands of offers to accomodate the 14-year-old, including several from America, after he appeared in numerous national papers.

The He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named lookalike, whose real name is Charlie, acquired his uncanny resemblance as a result of the partial removal of his nose and ears due to skin cancer. The cancer occurred as a result of sun burn, which is a particular danger to white and pale cats.

Rather out of character with his villainous counterpart, he has been described by staff at Southampton’s animal adoption centre as “an adorable, gentle, big, chunky chap” who “has a dear little voice and likes to squeakily meow at you to get your attention.”


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