Explosion in Eastleigh


Valentines coupling up in Eastleigh tonight have been disturbed by an explosion that was heard all over the town and as far away as North Baddesley.  The explosion seems to have occurred at around 11pm and Eastleigh quickly became a trending topic on Twitter over the next couple of hours.  The Eastleigh News was quick to report on the incident.

Rapid-response police and fire engines rushed to the scene of a previous explosion in April last year, but quickly left.  Police helicopters, reported to have been dispatched from Reading and Lee-on-Solent, were seen hovering over Fleming Park but also left after some minutes, seemingly empty-handed.

In addition to the April explosion on Chadwick Road, which resulted in a seven-year jail sentence for the perpetrator, a speed camera was blown up on the town’s Bishopstoke Road in December 2009.

More details should emerge about this incident from tomorrow morning.  Despite the numerous references to a “bomb” on Twitter, the cause of the explosion remains unconfirmed, as does its exact location.


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