Police chase on Tennyson Road


Tennyson Road in Portswood was subject to a dramatic police chase at 11am this morning, when a team of walkie-talkie linked police officers and a helicopter pursued a man down the street.

All was normal in my student house until suddenly there was loud banging on our front door with shouts of ‘Police!’ Once the door had been opened by my bewildered housemate, a policeman ran through our house to the garden with no word of explanation, leaving all the main doors open and conversing via his radio. Our house then began to shake as a police helicopter hovered directly above us, and another group of officers appeared in our front door, clearly searching for somebody. After a couple of minutes, the police officer silently walked out of our house and the helicopter moved on, leaving myself and my housemates in a state of shock.

Following a phone conversation with the police, the subsequent details have emerged. It appears that the police pursued a man after he committed a serious incident in Portswood and fled. The man found a way into the back gardens of the houses on Tennyson Road and proceeded to garden hop, whilst the police responded by banging on front doors to try to gain access to the rear of the properties. The man is now in custody, and the police stated that they were very grateful to those who opened the door to let them in.


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    I like the idea of a helicopter pursuing the man down the street. You’re lucky the helicopter didn’t try gaining access to the back garden, through the property, also.

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