Woman Charged With Murder After Death on Broadlands Road


A 35 year old woman has been charged with murder following a death on Portswood Road on Friday.

Baljit Kaur Buttar, 56, died whilst being treated by paramedics in a ground floor flat. A post mortem examination found she had suffered ‘multiple blows to the head’.

Rajbinder Kaur, also a Broadlands Road resident, has been charged with her murder. A 30-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder has been bailed. Two others were released without charge.  

Reports have claimed all four were arrested at the property. A witness has also said that two young children were escorted from the scene.

The road was closed off by police around midday on Friday, as well as the alleyway that links Granby Grove.

Emergency services were called to an address at around 11.43am, but were unable to revive the woman.

The Wessex Scene was notified of the incident after students reported seeing five police vehicles around the area at approximately 1.30pm.

Police and forensice officers searched the road and the alleyway, looking in bins, under bushes and down drains.

Two cars were also removed by tow trucks from the road.

A police spokesperson said: ‘we can reassure students that no students were involved with the incident, and no one is currently at risk in the Portswood area.’

If anyone has any information they can call 101 or 0845 045 45 45.


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    found this on bbc news:

    A post-mortem examination found she died of multiple blows to the head.

    Two men, aged 30 and 33, and two women, aged 33 and 35, have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are being held at police stations across Hampshire.

    Two vehicles have also been recovered and removed from the property for forensic examination.

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