Vehicle Vandalism in Portswood


In recent weeks there has been a spate of car vandalism along Portswood Avenue and Tennyson Road in Portswood, where several people’s cars have had their windscreens and back-screens smashed. All the incidents have happened late at night, the first happening on the Friday 18th February with the most recent on Friday 4th March. A total of 4 cars have so far been attacked, and police believe the culprit (or culprits) used a brick as their weapon.

Tennyson is a well-known student road and thus there is speculation about the likely perpetrators of these crimes, particularly when you take into account the time of the attacks: police estimate them to have been carried out between around 1am – 4am on both occasions. Whether it is drunk, violent students or other people with a alcohol-induced agenda, car-owners along this road hope these upsetting, random attacks stop.

One of the victims, a 20 year old student at the University, has said, ‘I feel disrespected and quite annoyed that someone would deface my property in such a way, it’s not just about the money I have to pay out its also a big inconvenience: I have to go on placement for my course and need my car, and I’ve also had to let down the people who were reliant on me for a lift.’

Police have said that it’s important to report these crimes so if your car is attacked, you are urged to contact the police. If you have any information, please call 101.


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