LIVE BLOG: Record-breaking Rowing Attempt at SUSU


Also big shout out to Doffman doing his dissertation and Peter Austin I’ll have you know my chat isn’t that bad……..okay its not that great, but not that bad.

Updates are now limited to one an hour but rest assured they will happen.

We are nearing the completition of the 15th hour and Will is looking solid despite his slight hiccup at the 12th hour. Back on track Homer is targeting a distance around 175,000m. This would mean Homer would have less than 100,000m left to row!

Same principle as the live blog though read upwards from where you last left off.

Ok maybe a bit crude but the bloomin Google Chrome kicked me out of the account I was live blogging from so get on your f5 and carry on following!

Will Homer, a Ship Science student from the University of Southampton, hopes to cover the furthest distance on a rowing machine in a 24 hour period ever achieved by a man in his age category.


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    Been following this during the day as I work on my project.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge! Its an epic task but looking good so far. I look forward to reading how its going.

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    Hi all
    My cousin was the one who had just broke the last record
    Last month, his name is John Mcavoy
    He wants me to pass on a good luck message to will and is looking forward to seeing how he gets on,
    Billy Mcavoy

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    Tell him that ‘Doffman’ is rooting for him from Bristol and will be watching this space for most of the night while he works on his dissertation 🙂

    I’d love to know how he reacts so give me a shout out!!

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