Southampton: 2 days, 2 shootings.


A man was found seriously wounded after locals reported gunshots in the St. Mary’s area of Southampton.

The shocking revelation came just a day after the news of a fatal shooting aboard the naval submarine, HMS Astute. Able Seaman Ryan Samuel Donovan, 22, of Hillside Road, Dartford, Kent, will remain in custody until his hearing on 10th June 2011. He is charged with the murder of Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux, 36 and the attempted murders of Petty Officer Christopher Brown, 36, Chief Petty Officer David McCoy, 37, and Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hodge, 45.

The second shooting, took place on Saturday 9th April, which only served to increase the unrest of Southampton residents after the naval shooting. Witnesses are reported to have heard 6 gunshots fired in Northumberland road, St. Mary’s. However, in a state of fear, the majority of residents refused to comment any further about the incident.

The semi-detached property, which is located just yards from a children’s play area was sealed off by police for a forensic investigation.

Three bullet holes are clearly visible in the front door and a police spokesman said that a 26 year old man from London was found at the scene with serious injuries to his leg.

He was taken to Southampton General Hospital for treatment, because The Royal South Hants Hospital is not equipped for emergencies. His injuries were not said to be life threatening and he later discharged himself.

One man that claimed to be inside the property during the time of the shooting, said:

‘Someone came round – I don’t know who it was. They shot through the door and then my friend opened it. He just came in and fired at him. I was upstairs in the house at the time. He shot six times all together. I’ve got no idea why he did it. It was pretty mad, a real shock – it’s not a sort of everyday occurrence.’

The man then concluded: ‘I don’t know where my friend is now but I think he’s okay.’

The suspect fled the scene before police could arrive.

Police are now appealing for anyone who may have seen the incident or anything suspicious at the time to contact them on 101.


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