Tinchy Stryder to perform at Grad Ball?


Tinchy Stryder has been all but confirmed to perform at the University of Southampton Graduation Ball on Wednesday 8th June.

His official Facebook page says that he will be performing at the City Cruise Terminal, where the ball is being held on the date of the event. He will also be performing at  the Bournemouth University Summer Ball on June 11th.

It is likely that Stryder will be one of a variety of acts to perform at the event. Billy Fitzjohn, Union President, has confirmed that “due to the size of the venue, there will be an array of acts spread out across the arena, accommodating to all students’ tastes and styles”.

The official announcement for the full line-up of acts will be at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), in the Union Cinema on Tuesday 17th May at 5pm. Students will also have the opportunity to watch the AGM and hear the announcements from home, as SUSUtv will be streaming the event live online.


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    Should anybody be excited about this? Two years ago you could have booked this talentless hack for Argos coupons, now he is some kind of cultural heartthrob? This poor excuse of a human being has the personality of a dying fish and appeals to people who are so afraid to have their own tastes and opinions that they delude themselves into thinking this hollow waste of resources actually cares about anything other than the money universities like this are so willing to pay him. Shame on the vapid people in charge who booked this 5-minute wonder, I understand there are financial restraints, but the tribute band to a Slade tribute band would be favourable to this fool. Then again maybe I’m wrong and the students at Southampton, regardless of their good education, are still wet to imagine this laughably pathetic ‘act’ prancing around at the climax of three years hard work.Keep it real, Anne Hero

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