AU AGM Roundup: Focus Sport, Sportswear Contracts and Elections


Whilst not quite as hotly anticipated as the SUSU AGM, Wednesday’s Athletic Union Annual General Meeting  still managed to spark debate.

Worth noting was AU Pres Teddy Wilkes continued praise of the newly introduced Focus Sport lifestyle program. In his speech he dubbed it a ‘great success’. However, the program has been the subject of recent controversy over health concerns of participants, sparked by an article featured in a recent addition of The Wessex Scene.

Teddy said: ‘Focus Sport has been a great success for elite sport here at Southampton’, adding: ‘unless you read the Wessex Scene’.

‘Every athlete who has stuck to the program has seen remarkable gains in Athletic performance and body composition and I’m really proud of the guys that has managed to go the full length with it’.

Yet the part of the meeting that saw most debate was the vote on whether the AU should draw up a contract with Independent Contract Sportswear Supplier ‘Ikon’. The contract would make a deal with Ikon to supply a uniform design for AU club’s off-pitch wear, in a bid to improve the image of AU sports teams.

Concerns were voiced by some clubs. ‘It feels like we’re losing control of what we’re doing’ said one member.

But after a spell of laboured questioning, they were eventually assured by Ikon and Teddy that: ‘we are not looking to take the control away from the clubs, if you come to Ikon and they’re not competitive you can walk away’.

The final vote was in favour of the deal, but as the contract is yet to be drawn up, specific details remain unclear.

The deadline for AU club’s development plan was also revealed, set for the 1st July.

Elections for some AU positions also took place, the results being:

Social and Media: Roger King

Media and Communications: Duncan Jenkins

Development Officer: Sion Roberts

Congratulations to them and a big well done to all the clubs for all their successes this year. Keep up the good work.


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    “Focus Sports Dieting program”?!

    Focus Sports is many things, but a dieting program was not one of them. Another example of ill-informed reporting from the Wessex Scene. Much like their main article on the Focus Sports program.

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      Rob McWhirter

      Perhaps ‘dieting program” was a clumsy phrase to use, apologies. The article was highlighting the recent debate over the diet recommended in the program and the reaction to this in the meeting.

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        Focus Sports Athlete

        Was there really any need to resurface that article after the controversy it caused? The point of the matter is that everyone who participated fully in the programme saw benefits, some more than others, and I for one am fully supportive of it. Those who didn’t think it helped them or didn’t wish to participate opted out of their own accord. It was never properly outlined in the previous article that the “diet” was completely optional, well advised, and given merely as a nutritional plan to accompany the strength and conditioning programme we received at the gym.

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    Christian Wood

    In every other area, the wessex scene is the site for intelligent informed reports, not a medium for biased slander… What is the deal with this article?!? It is a let down for what is normally a good read!

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    Dietary controversy adise, the article seems pretty accurate to me. This is exactly how I saw the meeting, I don’t know what these complaints are about…

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    I agree that this article seems pretty correct from what i remember of the meeting. The topic came up in the meeting, and so was reported, the author hasn’t reported it bias or slanted. Don’t see what the fuss is about.

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      Focus Sports Athlete

      The original “fuss” was because the author of this article began his first paragraph by dubbing the programme as “the newly introduced Focus Sport dieting program” which was incorrect, and seems to be the only aspect of the programme that the Wessex Scene give a crap about.

      This paragraph has since been altered to read “lifestyle program”.

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