Flasher Returns to Portswood


Southampton police are currently investigating reports of a flasher who has been spotted along the main Portswood high street.

The most recent sighting of the male flasher occurred on Tuesday night outside 71 Portswood Road. The male allegedly flashed a female, before making a quick getaway up Alma Road.  Despite bringing in police dogs, the police were unable to track the man’s route and remain uncertain of his identity.

Police believe it is the same flasher who was active around the area this time last year, yet they are struggling to identify him after receiving varying accounts of his appearance.

On Wednesday community support officers were working their way along Alma Road, calling in at houses to see if anyone had noticed anything suspicious during the previous night.

Police are advising people not to be alarmed, but to remain alert. They have urged the public to keep their distance from the flasher and to report any sightings of him immediately.

If you have any information about the flasher please contact the Southampton Central Police on 084504545101.


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