Libyans Party on Concourse


Libyans from Southampton University have been reveling in reports that Colonel Gaddafi has been killed.

After news came through of the overthrown dictator being captured, and some sources claiming his death, several Southampton students have been partying on the concourse this afternoon.

As music of the revolution boomed out over the campus, the gleeful students danced, sang and ululated whilst triumphantly waving a Libyan flag in the air. Chocolates were passed round the gathering spectators.

“Gaddafi said we were rats,” said Ahmeed Alforjani, a third year mechanical engineer. “Now look at him in the gutter.”

Many told the Wessex Scene of friends who had been studying at the university but had left to join rebel forces in the fighting. Some had been killed in combat.

Second year electronic engineer Amin Abraham said: “What Gaddafi had been doing over the years wasn’t obvious at the beginning. Most Libyans in Southampton are anti-Gaddafi, though some weren’t because they were confused, but they see the truth now.”

Plans to set up a Libya Society at the university are underway, as are further celebrations. For now, the only confirmed date in the diary is February 17th when they will be commemorating the first anniversary of Libya’s protests.


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      That’s a little harsh. The students were certainly gleeful, and it is entirely accurate to report that they danced, sang and ululated. When we asked the Libyans what music they were playing, they described it themselves as music of the revolution. The only detail of that extract which you could possibly find fault with would be the use of the word ‘booming’ over an alternative such as ‘playing loudly’. I don’t consider that alone to amount to shameless journalistic romanticism. But thank you for your feedback Chris.

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    With Gaddafi’s death a new era will begin that is based on justice and democracy. By establishing the Libyan Society, we Libyans hope to represent Libyan students in Southampton University and to organise some events in which we introduce Libya.

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    David Mendoza-Wolfson

    Am I the only person who sees this as an awful start to a liberal democracy. At least in Iraq they gave Hussein a trial before executing him; to kill Gadaffi in cold blood seems like just the sort of thing Gadaffi would have had done (to any opposition to him).

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