‘Stolen’ £70,000 Found At Heathrow Lost Property


£70,000 worth of foreign cash that was reported missing on Tuesday has been found at Heathrow Airport.

The bag of money, made up of Thai Baht and Australian Dollars, was believed to have been stolen from a National Express Coach that passed through Southampton and the University on its way to Portsmouth.

However, the police were able to find, through the use of CCTV, that the black bag had never been put on the coach.

Instead, it has turned up at Heathrow’s lost property, with all the money still present. The bag had, in fact, never been put on the supposed coach and was left at the airport. A policeman at Heathrow Airport, said that it was a rare that such a large quantity of cash was left at the airport, but that “thankfully we were able to trace it and will get it back to the victim who was relieved to hear it had been found.” 

It is not every day someone leaves behind a bag containing such a large quantity of cash at the airport.

PC Howard Day

The owner of the bag, a 81-year old man, had arrived in the UK from Thailand with the money that morning and had hoped to buy a property

Police hope to reunite the man with the money as soon as possible.


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