BULSCA Freshers Competition


Saturday afternoon saw Southampton University play host to a competition by the British Universities Lifesaving Clubs Association.

The Jubilee Sports Centre’s swimming pool was closed to the public between 1pm and 8pm as representatives of university lifesaving societies all over the country took part in various rescue simulations. These included swim and tow exercises, rope throwing, and obstacle trials.

Zones were also taped off in the wooded area in the middle of Highfield campus where the ‘dry incidents’ took place. Teams of four were assessed on their actions in response to shouts of mock distress from other participants, and were required to utilise various props, including first aid kits and CPR mannequins.

Former member Joe Scurrah praised the exercises, which he commented taught not just lifesaving, but ‘teamwork, leadership and first aid skills.’ Joe further stated that ‘if it wasn’t realistic it wouldn’t be convincing’, but admitted that ‘there could possibly have been some signs’ to notify members of the public in earshot of distress calls.

When asked whether the open-air event was appropriate, VP Sports Development Jonny Brooks-Bartlett told the Wessex Scene that ‘I believe the procedures that were followed at the time were done properly and therefore I feel there was no problem with the event going ahead.’

‘There are around 24,000 students at the University and it’s nigh on impossible to let every student know about an event.’

Saturday’s competition was one such in BULSCA’s annual calender of around eight events.


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