SUSU launches new elections


Following the resignation of a Southampton University Students’ Union Vice President, students can now cast their vote for two new positions which have been created in the Student Union.

Every year the University of Southampton holds elections so that students can vote for their representatives within the Union.  However, after Simon Protheroe recently stepped down from his position as Vice President Winchester & Sites, a new bi-election has been held to find his replacement.

There have been some changes within the Student Union, as Protheroe’s former role has now been offered as two separate part-time jobs.  The new positions are ‘Vice President Winchester’ and ‘Vice President Sites’.  By dividing the responsibilities, the elected nominees should have time to visit the areas that they represent and cater for the needs of students who live and work outside of the main university campus.

When asked about this change in the Student Union, one student said:

“it’s a good idea.  Two representatives instead of one will enable more students away from Highfield campus to have the support of the Union and their voices will be heard.”

Students have also been able to nominate themselves for other roles including ten Student Leader and seventeen Union Councillor positions.  The responsibilities involve working as officers for International students, Community Volunteering or Postgraduates.

Campaigning began this week and voting opened on Wednesday 16th November.  The results will be eagerly anticipated by everyone working with the Student Union, and they will be revealed after voting closes at 6pm on Friday 18th November.

To cast a vote or read the candidates’ manifestos, members of the Student Union can now visit


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    I am massively involved in SUSU (Media), and I support the Union generally, but dear God they don’t half run a lot of elections! Obviously this one’s necessary, since Simon’s resignation… but yeah, I’ve never seen so many bloody elections! 😛

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